Chick Advisors Campaigns For Dudes

Chick Advisors Campaigns For Dudes

Chick Advisor's who have a dude.....this information is for you!

Chick Advisor is rolling out some campaigns in the next few weeks for MEN!!

Being a Chick Advisor is completely free and can be very rewarding. Approximately twice a month a new product is given out to certain Chick Advisors completely free! In exchange for the free product Chick Advisors are sent, they share their honest and organic opinions about that product online.

Most product offers are geared towards Canadian women, but in the next coming weeks that could be changing....At least for a few campaigns!

Yesterday I got an email asking if I had a dude that would interested in doing campaigns as well!!
Yes products and campaigns are coming for the men!! Whoohoooo! 

Campaigns have to be applied for, and once you are approved the products are sent directly to your home by mail. Make sure you are actually applying! Too many freebie pages post these campaigns as a freebie offer- which it is not. And if you haven't met the requirements you won't ever be accepted into a campign.

Ladies if you are already a Chick Advisor watch for a survey in your emails about the dude in your life. If you are not yet a Chick Advisor member, Sign Up and get started in this fun product testing program.

I have been a Chick Advisor for 4+ years and  absolutely love this program. 
Are you a Chick Advisor? 

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