Bacon Novelties to Feed Your Addiction

Bacon- A Canadian staple.......okay... well in my home at least ! 

Bacon is one of those foods that we just can't get enough of and the ideas are endless when it comes to adding bacon into our everyday recipes.  Many who know me say I have a bacon addiction...I can fry up a pound of bacon, a little bit of ranch dressing to dip and I am in literal bacon heaven!

You may not be aware just how common this addiction is and just how far a bacon addict will go to show his or her love for bacon! 

Have a bacon addict in your life? Of course you do! We all do! 

Bacon Novelties for the Addict in Your Life

Bacon Bandages 

Bacon Bandages
Bacon Bandages are the perfect gift for a bacon addicts stocking at Christmas or just as an everyday gift to take away the pain of a bo bo. Each tins comes with a FREE PRIZE! 



Monopoly has has been a favorite game on family nights and now the bacon addict will jump at the chance to play! Bacon-Opoly the classic board game with a bacon twist.

Crispy Bacon Duct Tape -Duck Brand

The perfect addition to any bacon lovers toolbox is a roll of Crispy Bacon Duck Tape. Great for a surprise gift, when your hubby opens his toolbox up and see's this I am sure he will smile and know you have accepted his addiction to bacon! 

There are so many fun products for us bacon addicts, here are just some other popular bacon themed products you probably didn't know existed.

Bacon Themed Products
Hickory Baconnaise
Bacon Toothpaste
Bacon Lipbalm
Bacon Bodywash
Bacon Jam
John Candy- Canadian Bacon

myths about bacon
Myths About Bacon

Bacon makes you fat
Bacon causes cancer
We eat to much bacon- No such thing as too much bacon! (Giggle)
Bacon is only for breakfast
Bacon has a ton of calories (only 30 per slice)
Bacon directly causes high cholesterol
Since bacon tastes so good it must be bad for us

Are you a bacon lover? What every day meal do you add bacon too?

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