$10 Coinstar Coupon Is Really a $5 Coupon- Shop Strategically

$10 Coinstar Coupon Is Really a $5 Coupon- Shop Strategically

Morning guys!

There is a coupon offer from Coinstar- I am sure you have seen the machines in Metro stores.  You pour all your loose change in, grab your printed receipt and the cashier gives you bills for the change you cashed in. 

Coinstar is offering a $10 coupon that can be used at Metro and Food Basics when you cash in $40 in loose change..... Sounds great right??

It's not a great deal, its a just a deal  First of all, you cash in $40 and Coinstar gets 11.9% of that so now you have lost $4.76. 

So you original $40 is now $35.24. You are down money....so the coupon being offered to you is actually  worth $5 and has to be used at a Metro location (Super expensive store) or Food Basics...

Always read offers very carefully before running to the store.

Coinstars FAQ's explain how their change machine works and what it will cost you.

If you want your $10 but really $5 coupon Check out the offer Offer runs from November 3 to November 16 2016

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