October's Prizes and Some Hot Offer's Updates

October's Prizes and Some Hot Offer's Updates

Hi Guys!

Wow October is flying by fast! I took a staycation for the last few days and it turns out lots happens when I am away from my desk!

As the colder months loom over us, more and more great offers, samples, contests and product testing offers pop up! I love winter for this very reason!

I am going to share the great offers and prizes I won in this past couple weeks and give you a quick update of some programs and offers to keep your eyes on to save you some money.

Lets start with prizes.
Many of us got an email claiming we won some nail polishes from Essie....turns out they don't have their act together and sent the email to everyone and now are retracting it with just a simple Oops we are sorry. So please don't get your hopes up if you got a winning email...

Now on to the next prize email...Not sure why the big congratulations over winning a sample of Vichy Liftactiv..seems a bit much if it's truly just a small dab sample..but you just never know maybe the prize is larger than a sample..Did you win one of these too?
Vichy Prize

Getting full size products in the mail is like a drug to me! Doesn't even matter what it is!! LOL

So if you are with Shopper Army, your aware of their sampling and review program. Free to join , you choose products you would be interested in trying and waiting to see if you are picked! Your package comes with a leaflet and the product and an army man of course! This week I got 1 HUGE Metamucil to try and then review! Should be interesting.....  * At the bottom of this post is the link to join this free program

Shopper Army

Influenster seems to be gearing up for the colder months too, more and more Voxbox opportunity's have been popping up. We just got the email that we were picked for the latest Huggies Pull Ups VoxBox.  * At the bottom of this post is the link to join this free program

Huggies Voxbox

As the holiday's approach you will find more and more that brands are actively looking for product testers, offering more samples, and bigger savings and cash back offers start appearing. 

* Links to the above mentioned offers

Influentster There are virtual campaigns, and I strongly suggest you do them. It really does make a difference to being picked for VoxBox's of products coming your way.

Shopper Army - Click on Shoppers and make your free account.

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