Get Rewarded For Watching TV, Taking Surveys, and Playing Games As Seen on CTV

I am not here to prove to you the Swagbucks is legitimate that was proven long ago through news stories and accolades for being one of the fastest growing hot spots to earn rewards! I myself am pure proof of how much can be made using Swagbucks. Swagbucks parent company is Prodege LLC

Swagbucks is a BBB Accredited Business since 2010 & has paid out $150 million in rewards to date.

You know those gazillion birthday invites and party invites your kids come home with? Or that sweet blender you saw on Amazon that you want so much...?? These become completely free if you use the Swagbucks program to its fullest and put some time aside every day to invest into you.

Swagbucks has paid for 2 complete Christmas's for me. And I mean completely! From January until November I saved all the SB's I earned, and then redeemed them for gift cards. What a weight off my mind and budget!

If you are looking to make hundred of dollars a day , then this is probably not the website for you. If you are a realistic person and would like to make some money on the side while at home, that will cover gifts, food, toiletries and more then you have found your new paying addiction.

She sums it up perfectly!!

Becoming a member or Swagbucks is free, redeeming your SB's for gift cards and cash is free.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the Swagbucks program to make extra money on the side. Over 1 million members and growing daily, we can't all be wrong can we??
If you are thinking you will have to have a billion referrals under you to could not be more wrong! Without a single referral you can earn and make money with Swagbucks. You will earn from the effort you put in. 
When you make your free acount you will get a $5 bonus which is 500 SB's
It's only 300 SB's for a $3 gift card code!! 
 You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What's Online at

Checklist to making the most out of Swagbucks

  • Make your free account
  • Download your toolbar (completely safe)
  • Download the Swagbucks App
  • Follow all of Swagbuck's social media pages (This step is important)
  • Complete surveys daily (Higher earner)
  • Daily Poll = 1 SB a day
  • Complete free offers such as liking a page or trying a free game or app (High earner)
  • Use it as your search engine (win SB's) High earner if you do it right
  • Join the promotions- Promotions and holiday games happen often and are high earners
  • Watch Videos Yes that simple
  • Playing games in your Swagbucks account
  • Watch for Swag Codes (Free SB's)
  • Sharing your own personalized link with family and friends. (Not a must to earn)
  • Shop online and get cash back on your purchases (High earner and my fave)
  • Check your Swagbucks Inbox frequently. There could be surprise SB's sitting in there.
Earning rewards is fabulously easy with Swagbucks! Put the effort in, and reap the free rewards!!

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