Don't Be a Sucker Avoid These 5 Scams

Scams That Want Your Money
Time spent online by Canadians is massive. More time online , equals more chances of being targeted by a scum bag behind a keyboard. All of us have received at least one email that catches our eye and then our gut instinct kicks in and says get me out of here!

With so many scams and fraud attempts going on it's wise to be aware of which ones the Canadian government warns us about.

Scams that Canadians Need to Be Aware Of

iTunes Scam

iTunes gift cards are used to download movies and music, not for paying your taxes to the Canadian Government or any other bill under the sun. This scam usually comes in the form of an email, text or even a brazen phone call. They inform you that if you don't pay immediately an additional fine will be added. They ask that you buy iTune's gift cards, activate them and then send them the code....DON'T.  If something doesn't sound of feel right avoid it.


Most of us have gotten a pop-up and we quickly glance at it and usually if we are smart we close it. This scam comes in the form of a pop-up and will tell you that child pornography has been downloaded or visited a website with child  pornography and that the RCMP are now involved. It asks you to pay to get control of your computer back. Bottom line is NEVER click on any pop up. None. It's as simple as that.

Denial of Service DOS Attack

This scam is being aimed at businesses and websites. They notify you that your website and business has been hacked. The scum bags demand money to restore your services. 


This one is a little scary and extremely disgusting that people are out there sitting behind a screen doing these attacks for simple greed.
The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center advises us to ignore these emails....
So the scam is they contact you to tell you that someone you know has paid a fee to have you killed...scary right!? What an email to get! They then say if you are willing to pay double what the hitman paid them, they will cancel the contract to kill you! On top of wanting to steal money from you, they are looking to steal your identity. So do not respond to these monsters at all.


People get lured into online relationships that grow quickly, and then will encourage someone to use their webcam in provocative ways. They then claim the moments caught on webcam have been recorded and will be released if a fee is not paid. This scam can really put fear into someone who doesn't want to lose their job or for their family to see what they have done online. Just don't share pictures of yourself or use your webcam when on dating websites, pornography sites or with someone you only know online,

These are just a few of the scams you should be on the look out for. Many more are listed on the Canadian Anti-Fraud website.

There are so many threats online that are costing Canadians hundred's of thousands of dollars. Stay up to date with the latest scams and fraud threats and know what to do to keep yourself safe online.

Visit and be aware of what you are clicking on and opening yourself up to.

Read more information about these extortion scams. If you have been a victim of any of these scams, you can call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at 1-888-495-8501

Have you ever been a victim of a scam?

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