Baby Box Canada Clarification

Baby Box Canada

Hi Guys!

I am sure you have heard some hype about the Baby Box Canada program, and have seen it on blogs and freebie pages.

Many bloggers seem to misunderstand the program and have been urging their readers to sign up for this great baby freebie. That is kind of misguided and only leads to let down on the part of the readers who are registering for this amazing box. The information being offered is misguided and even sending readers to a site that will get them nowhere in the process of applying for the Baby Box Canada program.

The Baby Box program was started to help new parents and is valued at up to $200. 

There are some strict stipulations to getting a free baby box.

  1. You must be giving birth between August 1 2016 and August 2017. Yes this will be confirmed with your Dr, and with other methods.
  2.  145,000 boxes will get into the hands of Ontario expectant mothers.
  3. They are not going to just give free $200 baby boxes to those who don't need it. It would defeat the whole idea of what the Baby Box Canada is meant for. And common sense tells you the box is quite large and this program is funded by donations. Shipping would make this program fail immediately. Boxes will be picked up.
  4. If you want a baby box you will have to watch a series of educational videos then answer some questions regarding those videos. As well as complete your full profile with your physicians name and number.

To look into this program visit :

I hope this post clears up any questions you have. It is sad to watch bloggers share inaccurate information to get more clicks.

See CTV News report on the Baby Box Canada

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