5 Brands Worth Following on Social Media

Following the right brands on social media can save us money, alert us to a super hot deal, give us information on how that company works, win us prizes and even make new friends when ideas and comments are shared.

Let's be honest, some of our beloved brands that we follow are just plain socially awkward, usually leading  us to un-following them at some point. But there are many that are worth the follow.

I have picked just 5 of the best brands to follow on your social media networks. These brands share worthwhile content, offer prizes and giveaway's often to their followers, their email newsletters are interesting, and often come with a coupon or online coupon offer.

When following a brand on social media, it is wise to follow them on all there social media sites. One month they may offer a free sample on their Facebook brand page, but next it very well could be on Instagram or Twitter.... To get the most out of the brands you use, take the time to follow them on most or all of their social media pages.

 5 brands we consider worth following

Burnbrae Farms

A Canadian family run egg business. Their posts are inviting and worthwhile. From great recipes to almost constant giveaway's following their social media accounts can be quite fun.

McCain Foods Canada

One of the most well known brands and loved by many families. Many giveaway's for free product coupons, and free products happen on their social media pages. Contest's happen quite often too as well as flash giveaways. They are definitely worth the follow.

Swagbucks Canada & Swagbucks USA

Swagbucks is the fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online Over 1,000,000 members and growing strong, Swagbucks social pages can actually score you money in the way of SB's. Read more about earning with Swagbucks. Codes are posted on their social networks as well as flash giveaway's and contests. These are must follows.

Hot Mess Mom- #1 Humor Blog for Mom's

We all need to lighten our day with humor, and this is one of those extremely popular pages that will have you laughing at her and with her and even at yourself.  The brand she created is There's a Chance this is Vodka is a very popular line of products. A must check out, and a must follow. 
If you can't handle swearing , and someone being very real about life's messes, this won't be the page for you.

Neurogenesis Happy Water

Canada's award winning naturally alkaline Lithia water. You know what Lithia does right??? It naturally makes you "HAPPY". Who doesn't want that!? I did a review awhile back of this product and was very pleasantly surprised at the results. It's a must try product, and their social media pages offer plenty of opportunity's to try it free.

I am sure you will enjoy at least 1 of the 5 brands to follow!
Do you have a favorite brand you follow on social media? Maybe even your own brand...share with me in the comments.

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