Ever wanted to live in a fruit?..Rent this Pineapple

Pineapple House for rent
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If SpongeBob Square pants can live in a Pineapple, why can't we...I guess?

This Pineapple home is at the Nickelodeon Resort as a rental property.  This is quite the amazing home to rent, you would definitely score some major points with the kids! 

The home was inspired by SpongeBob Square Pants and is a 2 bedroom 3 bath home - 2292 Square feet. 

You could sure make some lasting memory's in the replica SpongeBob's family room!
SpongeBob Family Room
Photo Credit Facebook
As you can imagine the cost is astronomical...but it does come with your very own personal butler!! Uhmm yes please! You also get your own pool and garden!

Now I am way too frugal to ever spend on a sweet luxury like this and with a cost of $4000 a NIGHT...I think I will stick to daydreaming of such a home.

Would you rent this pineapple home?

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