Do Just for Men Hair Color, Blue Buffalo Pet Food or The Cash Store Owe You Money?

Class Action Settlements that Owe You Money

Class action suits are on the rise, and you may be entitled to some of the money being awarded. 
Here are just a few that may owe you some money!

JUST FOR MEN Hair Coloring

If you have used Just For Men hair coloring you may be entitled to submitting a claim.

Just For Men Hair color has been accused of causing injury, such as blistering, itching, swelling, scarring, and weeping sores on the skin.

Blue Buffalo Pet Food Products Class Action

If you purchased Blue Buffalo ultra-premium lines of dog and cat food products which include: Basics, Blue, Freedom, Longevity, Organics, or Wilderness you are eligible to submit a claim.

Blue Buffalo Class Action Information

Ontario Cash Store Class Action

Did you take a loan out from The Cash Store or InstaLoans in Ontario after September 11 2011? You paid too much and may be eligible for your money back! Deadline to submit your claim is Oct 31 2016

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