Moving to Canada if Trump Becomes President? It Will Cost You This...

Donald Trump could very well  become the next  president of the United States...

Feeling like the thousands who have said if so I am moving to Canada? 

The cost of living in Canada verses the states is 7.18% cheaper & rental prices are 26% cheaper.

With as good looking as our Prime Minister is you may want to think about the cost of such a move and the countless things you need to consider.

Canada  is known for it's welcoming nature and of course the free health care. Our absolutely marvelous maple syrups and gorgeous landscapes draw people from all around the globe.

You want to initially be a permanent resident. Citizenship fees can really add up quickBecoming a Canadian Resident will run you up to $800. Permanent Resident Application: $450-$850

And if you want to work..then yes you guessed it, another fee. Work permit fee to be gainfully employed in Canada $155. If you plan on being self employed, are you ready..? Yes yet another fee!

Free health care is probably the biggest attraction for many new comers to Canada, but just being on Canadian soil...doesn't grant you free health care. More costs coming your way.....

Once you become a Canadian citizen or permanent resident you can then apply for public health insurance through Canada's Universal health-care system.  

The wait period for it to take effect is usually around 3 months, and you may be charged a free if you need to use the Canadian health care system before your approved. Each province has their own Ministry of health to deal with your applications.
Your fee's are paid to be in Canada legally and to get  employed, and you have health care insurance arranged, now the next step is where to live in Canada

If you are wanting to purchase a home be prepared to pay around $335,467. If renting is your desire then do some research on rent prices throughout Canada.

Food costs are rising in Canada and fast. But there are ways to keep costs down with coupons and cash back apps and even getting household products free from 

To feed a family the cost per month is on average $300-$500 a month. (Much less with coupons and smart budgeting). Each province in Canada has a different average household expenditure

Who knows what the future holds, maybe it's worth it to move to Canada if Trump becomes president....whatever you decide to aware of the costs.

Do you know anyone ready to move to Canada if Trump is president?

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