How To Start Actually Getting Free Products Again!

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Have you been noticing that free sample product offers and mail out coupon offers, and just plain free product giveaway's have dwindled? You would be correct if you were thinking that, and there are a few reasons for that.

Most of us remember the days of Olay giving away 1000 free boxes of one of their latest products on Mother's day, or companies offering full size products on special occasions or in random giveaway's...those days are very far and few now.

One of the top reason companies have slowed down on their great offers is bloggers...yes you heard me right. Freebie blogs have taken a great toll on companies and defeated their whole purpose in sharing their products with us the consumer.

When it comes to free full size products that were once given away free almost monthly......Here is why they are slowing drastically.

Freebie Bloggers 

Mini Explanation: Using Olay as the theoretical product.

Olay has decided to give away a $50 product for free to a few consumers in hopes that they will then become a full time customer.... they choose to give away 1000 boxes....and share this great news on their website. Why on their website? Because that is where people who are interested in their products will find it as they browse the site...

A freebie page see's this offer and shares it. They don't actually share what the product does for you, what ingredients are in it, or who the target market is. They post what product is being given away and how to get it....defeating the purpose of this generous offer that Olay is providing. More times than not the untruthful and greedy among us, order 5-10 of these hot offers, which are clearly meant to be one per household.

So....Olay has given away product worth $50,000 to people who most likely wont even be a customer of theirs. They have gained nothing from the promotion...why offer a promotion like that again? They don't. Most offers for free products have it written in their terms that the offer is not to be shared on freebie and coupon blogs for this exact reason.

UPC contests and promotions that offer a free product have slowed down as well, from 5 years ago when they were everywhere to a few a year is a huge slide down. Many bloggers of freebie pages make the non-ethical choice to post UPC code's so that their readers will not have to purchase the product to gain entry into the contest. This unethical choice makes companies and brands shy away from a having these giveaway's.

Freebie blogs are a major reason product giveaway's and free sample offers, and now turning into coupons that have to be printed and not mailed to you, and why full size product giveaway's are far and few in-between. Not is all lost though....

Brands are now turning their attention to programs that ensure that when they are giving away product for free they are gaining in return. Fair is fair after all......

So if you still want to try products free of charge you will need to start joining the product review programs they are turning to, verses waiting for these offers to come back.

  • Email Newsletters are the most important key to getting high value coupons and free product coupons. 
  • Follow only blogs that teach you how to get  free the offers, not misguide you into how to get 2 or 3 of the offer, or post UPC codes to beat out the system by helping their readers. 
  • Join the top most reputable product review programs, and be an active member and you will be shocked at the free products that start to roll in.
  • Make accounts for all the available coupon websites you can order from.

Start printing coupons because soon enough mail coupons will be a long lost memory. If you don't have a printer, get one! More and more high value offers are via a printable coupon.

Knowing how to use the Google search engine the right way is very important on knowing where to find exactly what you are looking for.

Following the right sites can really give you the leg up on the latest hot deals, or sample offers with legitimate information on the product who the brand is, and more information then just go get this free sample....Follow These Websites & Blogs

If you start using some of these tips, and following the right bloggers, you will see an increase in the amount of high value offers you are opened up to. 

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