Where are the Other Mom's Getting All That Free Stuff?

I am sure you all have at least one friend that is always telling us about this hot deal they got on grocery's, fashion, makeup and almost any product free or next to free. You see tweets, and Pins, and Facebook posts about someone getting a pack of products for free, or a check in the mail for doing almost nothing, or someone winning spectacular prizes regularly.

 If you ever wondered if it's true, legitimate and something you could get too....then this post is for you! It will get you on your way to getting everything and more that you see other Mom's getting free or next to free. I share my mail days with you so you can see just how easy and fun it can be. See our amazing freebie mail days.

Legitimate Freebies for Canadians- www.saveatoonie.ca

If your goal is to start getting samples of products in the mail and invites to special events, coupons mailed directly to you, win prizes on a regular basis, and make extra money while you're doing all the above....welcome sit back and take notes. 

If you are serious about having your mailbox full of samples, products to try and invites to events and make extra money then having social accounts and following social accounts is the first step to it. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the top ones needed.

Where are the Other Mom's Getting All That Free Stuff?

1. Baby Freebies & Samples
Baby Samples, Baby Product Coupons, Formula Samples, Free Diaper Bags. These are a top favorite of mom's and mommies to be and are very easy to get.

2. Free Products for Trying, Testing, and Reviewing
Becoming a product tester is another great way to score yourself some amazing new products free of charge, There are some very popular product testing programs for you that are completely free to join. 

3. Winning Freebies and Prizes
Learn to search Google correctly to raise your chances of winning great prizes. Don't forget to make your bucket list of prizes.

4. Earn Freebies, Products, and Rewards Online
Getting free bathroom products is always a top favorite of mom's. This is a lot easier than you may think and the savings really adds up.

Free money is always a favorite too. Survey sites that are legitimate and trusted will pay you in cash, and gift cards to take a few minutes to complete their consumer surveys. 

5. Free Product Coupons for Groceries & Laundry Products
Coupons are another great way to get free food and household products.  The key is knowing the best stores to use your coupons at to get products completely free even tax free.
5 products I always get free

6. Birthday Freebies (Because you deserve them)
Birthday freebies can be found many places too. Both for kids and adults. Here are 21 places that will give you a birthday freebie

7. Dining Out & Fast Food Freebies
Restaurants offer some great incentives too with free food and coupons. List of Canadian Restaurants that offer free food and coupons

8. Free Sample Packs of assorted products

Sample packs of free products arriving at your door is not a myth. There are some great spots to find product samples packs. 

It's a fun way to try some new and trending products without having to spend money until you know you like the product. Most product sample packs are completely free even the shipping, but there are some that do ask for a shipping fee which is totally understandable and still makes a sample pack worth it.

  • Shoppers Voice-A once a year survey that is worth every minute it takes to complete. About 15 minutes and you can have it all completed and all year long you will get sample products in the mail, coupons to your email and in the mail. Often times the coupons are for free products. A top favorite of members. Take the 2017 Shoppers Voice Survey Now.
  • Sample Source sample packs are jam packed with products and coupons. They go live every few months and once the link is live and online the sample packs are usually gone within a few minutes. It adds to the fun of scoring such an amazing box of product samples. Usually, 15-20 samples are in each box along with a few coupons for free products and then offers arrive during the year from those offers. Sign Up for the next Sample Source Sample Box
  • Brand Power-Home Tester Club-Being a member of the Home Tester Club gives you opportunity's to try new products for free. You will get an email alert that you need to sign in and answer a question or two. The offers come fairly regularly too, so make sure you sign in and check whats going on in the Home Test Club Join Home Tester Club

9. Newsletter Freebies

Too often you don't think signing up for email newsletters are worth it. This would be a very wrong way of thinking. Brands offer samples and full-size freebies to their email newsletter subscribers before the public.

9 out of 10 times the subject line won't state there is a sample or freebie offer in it. Checking is always wise when it comes to your favorite brands and blogs.

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I hope this gets you started on your journey of free samples, products, food, and money!

Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!

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