Register to Be a Product Tester With These 6 Programs

Register to Be a Product Tester

Company's and product brands are always looking for volunteers to try out products You could be the one  to try & test Cosmetics, Food, Household Products toiletries and more. 

Testing products in the comfort of your home can be fun and very rewarding. As you build a product tester name for yourself the products you are invited to test get bigger and better.

It takes commitment, brutal honesty and some of your time. In exchange you are getting products free of charge to test and try. Some are even paid product testing offers. 

What Qualifications do I need is what I get asked the most....

If you can read and write English and have access to the internet , social media accounts and a home address for products to be shipped are set. If you are wanting to be a product tester that is taken serious then having social media accounts is important. Brands want their reviews shared to get the word out. Social media networks do just that. Social accounts we suggest having are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest . Having a blog can sometimes help, but often times the company is looking for a general consumer not a blogger to test their products. You don't need to have an account with all but it does help you get approved for higher quality products to review and opens you open to many more opportunity's.

Top Product Tester Programs

Keep your profile up to date and all your surveys answered, so they can properly match you with products to test. 
Social accounts you should have for this program are:
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Learn more about BzzAgent
Open to Canada, United States and the UK.

Register for an account and watch your emails for invites. Complete the survey you are sent to your email and once accepted you are in. Make sure to check what country the campaign is for before applying. Different campaigns pay in different ways. Some with Visa Gift Cards, some with free products. Each one is different. Payment is made 30 days after the closing campaign survey.
Social accounts you should have Twitter.
Open to Canada

Canadian Tire offers it's consumers a chance to be the product tester on products they offer in store. From lawn mowers to grills they want your opinion. To register they ask you to submit a video of a review you have done. If you don't have one, then make one and submit it. I did a paint product testing offer with Canadian Tire and it was simply amazing. 
Social accounts you should have YouTube
Open to Canada

Influenster is a little more random. You answer quick snap's or questions and get invited into campaigns. Linking your social accounts to your Influenster account helps add to your social impact score, which leads to VoxBox's. A Vox Box is a box or products for you to test and review. Even your reviews can win you more products to try.
Social Accounts you should have, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, and the Influenster app good for iPhone and Android
Open to worldwide

A fairly new program, They have a Facebook group to follow what is going on with the program.
Just register your email and watch for email invites to certain campaigns for products. Most of the products up for testing are food items. 
Social Accounts you should have Facebook
Open to Canada

Long time favorite for trying products. Fill out your profile, put up 5 product reviews of your own so they can see the way you share your thoughts about products you have tested and tried. Make sure to
complete the member survey so they learn a little about you and match you with the right products. Then watch for invites to new product campaigns. Every month there is at least 1 -2 products up for review.
Social Accounts you should have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
Open to Canada and the United States.

Being a product tester is very rewarding and enjoyable. Remember to stay honest about your feelings and thoughts about a product. Integrity is everything.

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