Most Popular Product Sample Pack's in Canada & US

Product samples are something everyone loves. A great way to try a new product in sample size before committing to spending your hard earned money on a full size product. Sample size products are a win win for both the consumer and the manufacturer. We as the consumer get to try a product free before making a decision about purchasing, and the manufacturer gets exposure for their product and with a great product a new customer.

The most popular product sample pack is the Sample Source Sample Pack. The Sample Source sample packs are available to be ordered at the change of the seasons. There is no set time or date as to when they are released. It really is quite exciting waiting for it to go live to claim your sample box as quick as you can. These over packed sample boxes go extremely fast and once they are gone, you have to wait until the next release of sample boxes.

Each sample pack box comes with 15-18 free sample size products as well as coupons to pick up a free product or two at the grocery store. On top of an amazing free sample box throughout the year as a member you will get offers for ever more free samples and offers. Since the last box release we have received 3 separate free samples in the mail. There is no other sample pack offer like this anywhere.

Latest offer to current Sample Source members:

Getting your own Sample Source sample pack is just a matter of registering your email and watching for the offer to be live and online. Sample Source shares hints on their Twitter account when the time is getting close, but as to when it is actually live is any ones guess. Kind of like a Sample pack hunt!

When a sample pack is available you sign into your Sample Source account and complete the questionnaire and pick which samples you are interested in trying. Be quick becasue once the quantity of a particular sample is gone, you lose out on trying that sample. 

The day the free sample packs are ready Sample Source sends out a Tweet. They also send an email but trusting on the timing of that isn't the best. Following their Tweets is best, and you can have just Sample Sources Tweets sent right to your cell in a text. There is an urgency of sorts when it comes to these free sample packs. As soon as the link to them is up and online hundreds of thousands of people are racing to get one. So being quick can ensure you get your free sample pack.

Sample Source sample packs are available to Canada and US. One per household and they have a very strict policy on this. Don't risk losing out on any sample pack by being dishonest.

If you are not yet a member register today so that when the next sample box goes live you are on the list to be notified as soon as Sample Source sample packs are available.

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