How To Search Google The Right Way for Contest's

Knowing how to use the Google search engine properly can really increase your contest wins. Doing a search the wrong way will lead you to many contests that have expired or are not open to your country of residence. Those lead to you feeling frustrated and you give up looking for a contest to enter.

When searching for a contest or giveaway on Google there are a few hot tips that will bring you to the best contests that are open to you and prizes you want to actually win. Remember having a bucket list of prizes you want to win really helps boost your chances.

Tip #1 

Make sure your Google search engine bar is set up before you actually search. First type in a prize you are looking to win - Win a Trip hit the search button. Now don't look at the results yet you will be wasting your time. 

Under your search bar is your search engine settings. Pick your country, and in the next tab pic the time limit. Make it within last 24 hours or past week. Then hit search again and now you have valid and current trip contests open to your country. See the image below.

How to Search Google

Tip #2  
Adding a minus sign in front of a word in your search will eliminate that thing or place from your search which will narrow your search down even more. See image below.

Using the minus sign while searching

The 2 tips I just mentioned are the top two to take note of and use when you're searching Google for contests and giveaways.

Try searching locally as well. Your nearest towns and city's radio stations and on packaging advertising.

When you are searching for a prize you want to win re-word your search in different ways.

Searching to win a trip?

Search it different ways:

  • Win a trip
  • Win a family trip
  • Win a trip for two
  • Trips to be won
  • Trip giveaway
  • Contest trip to Canada (Insert your dream place)
Searching Google for contests should not take hours while you sift through expired contests and giveaways. Using these simple tips to searching Google the right way will keep your search results closest to what you are looking for.

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