How to Save Your Toonies

Saving your spare change is a great way to save some extra money when things are tight and you are making it paycheck to paycheck.

Save all your change throughout the year in a jar, adding to it every day. Whenever you make a cash purchase and get any change it automatically becomes change that will go into your change jar, not back in your pocket
Saving 1 toonie a day for 365 days you end up with $730 ...many of us get at least a toonie back in change a day.


If you want to start saving your toonies, here are a few easy and free ways to do so.

  • Change you receive back from a purchase goes into your money jar.
  • Don't pay for small purchases with change. (Suppose to be in your jar)
  • Give up the morning coffee stop on the way to work and add the money to your jar
  • Open high-interest savings accounts with no fees. Such banks such as PC Financial & Tangerine online
  • Use a change jar you actually like. It will help keep you on track.
  • Put your cash back checks into your savings account or jar. This cash back on shopping is extra change to add to your savings. Do you have all the money making apps?
  • Brown Bag Lunch it at work
  • Every two weeks deposit the contents of your change jar into your savings account
  • Shop on a time limit. Set a time that your shopping should take and get out of the store by that set time.

If you are someone who does better when things are turned into a game/challenge (Me all the way) try this fun savings game to save.

If you are a visual person who needs to keep track and see the numbers on paper there are some printable 52 week money saving challenges you can us to help you along your way.

With a little self-discipline and a real genuine want to start saving your Toonies, your jar will be growing in no time!

Saved over 2100 changing this habit

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