Coupon & Contest Internet Safety Guide

Online Safety Guide

Using the internet to order coupons to your home, or entering contests online can open you and your family up to many dangers that lurk on the world wide web. Being up to date and in the know about keeping you and your personal information safe is key.

Follow these simple but effective ways to coupon and enter contest's safely.

Email Make a NEW one. Without a doubt this is the most important thing you can do. Choose a password that you will use for all coupon ordering or contest entering. Make it difficult to crack. Use your keyboard to its fullest. Use numbers, punctuation and hyphens to make your password even more secure. Hotmail is one of the easiest emails to hack or gain access to. I suggest Yahoo mail or Gmail. 

Make one email for only the coupons and contests you enter. You better your chances at never missing an email asking you to claim a prize. 

Keep your passwords for contests you enter the same. 

*Tip Do NOT use a password that you use for your personal online activities like online banking or credit card accounts. 

Rules & Regulations. Every contest you enter should and must have rules and regulations attached. This ensures both the prize giver and winner are protected. If you can't find rules and regulations for a particular contest email the contest holder and ask for them. A start and end date are a must as well the outline of the prize, and details such as which country it is open to and age limits of those who enter. A contest may look very enticing but without rules and regulations there usually is no prize to claim.

Too Good To Be True Facebook Offers. Many offers on Facebook look very good, like an offer that everyone who clicks this post and signs up with get a $100 Tim Horton's gift card. Sounds good? Who wouldn't want a $100 gift card for clicking on a link...but its too good to be true. Using your common sense while online is your greatest defense against scammers. 

Credit Cards. Do not use your credit card online ever for ordering coupons or entering contests. There is never a fee to enter a contest and if you come upon one that asks for a fee, run the other way. Winning is meant to be free. If you really need to use a credit card online, purchase a prepaid credit card that gives you added protection for your personal information.

Posting Your Info. Never....I repeat never post your email address or mailing information on any giveaway post on any social site. There is never a need to and no legitimate company will ask you too. The only person who needs to see your email address or mailing information is the person holding the contest and giving away the prize. 

Little Black Book Of Scams is a must read. Learn to keep yourself safe online. Entering contests and ordering online coupons is a very rewarding hobby and can be safe and fun!

How do you go the extra mile to keep yourself safe while online? Share your tips with us!

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