Chick Advisor Product Review Club- Are you Actually Applying?

Chick Advisor Product Review Club- Are you Actually Applying?

Are you a member of the Chick Advisor Review Club? I have had the chance to review quite a few FREE Products as a member of the review club and love the site.I get a lot of emails asking why a person hasn't been accepted in to review a free product when they apply for all the offers posted. The key to product review sites is reading the rules. With Chick Advisor there are a few steps you MUST complete to even be eligible to review products for free.

1.First Register Here for your FREE Chick Advisor Account

2. You MUST review 5 products of your OWN first. Here is the step most people miss and it will disqualify you from being picked. Go into your bathroom pick products your family uses sit down with a coffee/Drink and review the products and post them in your Chick Advisor Account.

3. Take the Chick Advisor Get to Know you Survey

Happy Product Reviewing!

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