Best Stores for Couponing & Price Matching

A question that comes up often when teaching someone to save money by using coupons and price matching is... What stores are the best to use coupons at?

It's an awesome question and knowing can save you even more toonies!

Best Stores for Couponing & Price Matching in Canada

Loblaws - Best Store for Free Product Coupons

Loblaws is a great spot to use any free product coupons..aka FPC. A free product coupon gives you the product free but most stores will charge you the taxes still unless the coupon states otherwise. 

Loblaws Coupon Policy on free product coupons is this:
  • 2.9 The value of a coupon that offers a product for free will include the amount of any applicable taxes.

Click and Collect the online shopping option at Loblaws still allows you to use coupons on your order. Make sure to have your coupons with you at the time when you pick up your grocery order.

Walmart -Best for Printable Coupons and Price Matching

Walmart is a great store to use printable coupons with the least hassle. Price matching at Walmart is  very easy , go at times that are not peak to save yourself aggravation as price matching does take time at the register. Need Walmart Coupons?
Best Ways to Get Walmart Coupons

London Drugs- Coupon Stacking in Canada!

London Drugs is one of the rare stores in Canada that will allow coupon stacking. To coupon stack at London Drugs you can use more than one coupon per product but they must be different. An example would be having one coupon for a Colgate toothbrush and having a manufacturer coupon for the same toothbrush...that is acceptable and can score you some great savings. 

The 3 above stores are great for using free product coupons, coupon stacking and accepting printable coupons. There are many more stores that accept coupons and do so with no hassle.

List of Canadian Stores that Accept Coupons

  • Bulk Barn - Their own printable coupon offers
  • Michaels Crafts - Michaels Coupons
  • No Frills - No Frills Coupons
  • Food Basics
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 
  • Foodland
  • Walmart -Ways to Get Walmart Coupons
  • Zehrs
  • Freshco
  • Jean Coutu
  • Costco -Only their own coupons accepted
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Canadian Tire
  • Sobey's
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Couponing is fun and rewarding. Start learning to save a toonie every time you shop.

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