Beginner's Guide to Couponing in Canada

Guide to Couponing Save a Toonie

You hear about other's saving money with coupons, you see it on TV on extreme couponing shows, it's everywhere you look now. The "Coupon". A piece of paper worth valuable savings. Very often I hear it's almost intimidating to start couponing when you have never used a coupon and wouldn't know where to start. In all actuality couponing is very easy and can be picked up in no time by someone willing and eager to save money.

Where to find Canadian Coupons?
Your first step is to order some coupons from online that will be mailed to your home. it's the easiest way to start your coupon collection and get the savings started.

Coupon Resources

Now that you have ordered your first batch of money saving coupons and printing some coupons too. You are well on your way. TIP : Only print coupons that you know will use or it defeats the point of using coupons and saving it's time to make some money back on shopping!

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Heading to the Store with Coupons

This is the part that seems the most daunting for someone just entering the coupon world. Here are the first things you need to do before entering the store

  • Make a shopping list (Very important)
  • Read the coupons you intend to use in their entirety. Expiry Date, Canadian Mailing address, and a limit amount.
  • Know that Store's Coupon Policy. Will they take printed coupons? Do they accept Coupons?
Once you are at the register don't panic (giggle). I am serious!
Have your products in your cart organized, so that as you hand them or they take the product from the counter you have the coupon ready to hand them. This will save you time and aggravation. Don't worry when the cashier starts to read it closely, it is their job and their are many ignorant scammers out there duplicating coupons and using fake coupons.

When you first start using coupons the savings will seem small. Don't get discouraged, as your coupon collection grows  so will the savings. Check out the coupon websites a couple times a week for fresh coupons. Follow coupon blogs in your area to get the best deals and savings. Follow your favorite brands/product pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus for hot coupon offers too. Many free product coupons come in the form of a very fast giveaway online. Sign up for Save a Toonie's free newsletter to be alerted when new coupons are available.

See some coupon shopping trips.
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