11 Reasons You Could Be Throwing Away Money While Grocery Shopping

A food budget is something we all have, and most of us probably cringe at the rising cost of food in Canada. Take a shot back at the fast rising cost of groceries by not throwing away your money and your food budget at the grocery store.

Grocery Store Budget

Using all the available resources to save more at the grocery store, should be second nature if you are truly looking to stop throwing your money away while grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping includes household products like bathroom products, and toiletries which can tack on a good deal of cost. There are many ways to start saving more toonies in your pocket and throwing away less money.

If you are NOT doing these things, you are throwing your money away at the grocery store.

  1. Grocery Receipt Surveys - Are they worth the time to fill out? 
  2. Shopping Cash Back Apps - Get money back on your grocery purchases. 
  3. Coupons -New to couponing and using coupons? Here is the perfect guide for you. Begginers Guide to Couponing See how we saved 58% on a coupon grocery shop haul. Amazon also offers clipable coupons.
  4. Following coupon sites and brand websites - Best sites in Canada & US to save you money
  5. Price Matching & Shopping at stores that price match - Which stores are best for couponing and price matching?
  6. Ordering products online & even getting them free from Amazon. How the Heck Do You Get Free Products on Amazon?
  7. Trying new, simpler and cheaper recipes.- 6 Money saving recipes to get you started
  8. Shopping online through rebate programs that pay you cash back. Ebates.ca & Swagbucks
  9. Knowing what foods are in season
  10. Checking the best flyer app- Flipp 
  11. Eating before shopping - Shopping while hungry is like having a toddler at your fight screaming the entire time, making you more likely to indulge and waste.
Grocery Store Budgeting

If you are not doing even one of the above things, you could be throwing your money away.
Limit your trips to the grocery store, simply plan , check and match your coupons to you grocery needs. 

Try making dinner with the products you already have. Using MyFridgeFood.com is a great place to enter the food you have on hand and it will give you a recipe. 

When it comes to eating out, check out this list of Canadian restaurant's that offer free food and coupons. Going out to eat doesn't have to be super expensive, and checking online for current coupons can really add up on the savings.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be wallet breaking if you know how to eat healthy for less. Search local blogs in your area to see what great deals are being shared. Your savings will go up if you are following a blogger who shares the most currents sales and deals in your city or town.

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