6 Money Saving Recipes Cheap N Easy

Cheap and Easy recipes

As the cost of groceries continues to rise so does our frustration in finding a easy cheap recipe to satisfy our families hungry tummies! 

On top of using coupons,  cash back apps , getting food free on Amazon and knowing what stores are best for couponing  finding the best recipes that will save us money is very important. We all know what's its like to look in the fridge after a long day and try and figure out what to make, and be completely blank on ideas. Myfridgefood.com has recipe helper which starts with what's in your fridge. Check off the ingredients you have on hand and it will give you some ideas on what to make.

We have compiled a list of the cheapest money saving recipes for you. Always remember eating healthy for less is possible with some planning. 

Money Saving Recipes 

Creamy Tomato Soup  Cost per serving  : Approx $0.51

Spaghetti Pie Approx Cost per serving $.67

Broccoli Casserole   Approx cost per serving $0.80

Banana Oatmeal Bread cost per serving $0.19

Burger Sliders Cost per serving $0.78

Ham and Cheddar Super Waffles cost per serving $.98

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