5 School Supplies You Should Buy at The Dollar Store

When I hear about families spending between $300-$500 for back to school supplies per child I can't contain my amazement! There simply is no need to go broke at back to school time. 

Dollar stores carry a wide variety of school supplies and at a much lower cost than large retail stores.

#1 Calculators - Often a calculator is on the list of things needed for your child's school year. Scientific calculator's can be quite pricey and the same calculators are sold at Dollar Store's. These are something kids tend to lose as well. Losing a calculator you spent a toonie on is better than a $20 loss.

#2 Erasers - Dollar stores carry packs of 2 to 10 for $1.25. These are another school supply kids tend to misplace easily, so keeping the cost to a $1.25 saves you money for sure.

#3 Lunch Containers - Dollar stores now carry a wide assortment of lunch containers, drink bottles and snack size Tupperware. Lunch time and snack breaks for kids is play time. Easily leaving a snack container behind or losing it to another child's bag. Don't waste your money paying for these at larger retail stores.

#4 Art Supplies - Often we are asked for our children to have pencil crayons, markers, highlighters and crayons and even sketch books or notebooks. The Dollar store can reduce your cost huge on these school supplies. 

#5  Project Boards & Poster Boards- School projects can get quite costly. Buying all your project needs at the dollar store will save you lots of extra money. 

What school supplies do you pick up at the Dollar store?

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