Why ShareASale is the Best Affiliate Program

Best Affiliate Network Shareasale

Earning money from a blog can be hard. Very hard. Save a Toonie is a very young blog just learning to stand on it's own two feet and monetizing can be extremely confusing and tedious. One thing I have learned from blogging in the last 5 years  is that making money from your blog is possible and the possibilities are endless. Most of my invaluable information has come from other's blog posts just like this one.

There are so many affiliate programs out there and after trying a few and seeing no result I did some deeper research and talked to a few blog owners who were sharing their monthly blog earnings and doing quite well. ShareASale was one that just kept coming up in conversations, so I had to try it for myself. Signing up was easy, and within 24 hours I was accepted and ready to try it for myself.

I was so relieved to see how simple finding my way around my ShareASale account was and the vast amount of companies, products and services they have in their network.. I am in Canada so that did limit me on the affiliate programs I could apply for within ShareASale, but even with that I found many that did well and paid great rates. I applied  with 3 merchants on my first day and got quick responses and approval, and the customer service was amazing. Payments that I have received came very quick and the process was seamless. I was actually shocked that within the first month of being an active member of ShareASale I made $87. Imagine what I could be making with some actual effort. You can set your payment level as low as $50.

You can earn from clicks, to sponsored posts and some merchants offer a free product coupon and other great incentives to be an affiliate with them. 

Once you have filled out your application for a ShareASale account look through some of the merchant's I have listed. 

Join shareasale.com then scoot back here to check out these great merchants.

Lose the Back Pain

My App Builder

Puzzle Master


Are you having success with an affiliate program you are using? Share with me in the comments. I will continue to share my success and failures with different affiliate programs to help others along the way,

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