Vanilla Mastercard Without A CVV ? It Happens!

Last week I picked up a $50 Vanilla Prepaid credit card ($50) for online stuff, I don't have a credit card and never will. Prepaid's work just as well and keep me out of debt.

So I get home with my card and I get online to use it and there it was , an issue of course!

While activating my card online it asks for that pesky 3 digit # for security, the CVV code....and my card is blank...yep blank, nothing there..
Tips to CVV on Prepaid Vanilla Mastercard

I have purchased many of these over the years for giveaway's and personal use and not once had an issue.

I call the 3 different numbers that are provided on the paper work inside the packaging and finally get through to a human (phew took forever). The oddest part of this for me was the agent on the phone from Vanilla Mastercard wasn't like "Oh Wow, that never happens", or anything,. (giggle, sheesh). She informs me it will take 4 weeks to get a replacement...which needless to say didn't make me a happy blogger at all! But what can you do? Nada,...I wait. 

Cheers to Vanilla Mastercard, I had my replacement within 4 days of making that call! Yippie I was so happy! 

If you ever run across this issue of no CVV # on your Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard , just give them a shout, their agent was efficient, friendly and I have my $50 card!

On the Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard website...its very odd that they ask you contact them through mail, there is no way of contacting them online...Here is to hoping that changes in the future!

Have You Ever Purchased a Prepaid Credit Card and Had an Issue?

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