Things to Do Before Entering Contests

Stop....don't hit enter on that contest submission until you read this! I love seeing people win amazing prizes and rebel is their happiness! So let me help you with just a few things you should do before entering contests!
If you actually want to win prizes and more of them...follow these simple steps.

Win More Contest's By Following  These Step's

New email- No me this step is worth it. Nothing sucks more than finding an email in your spam folder that's months old and it says "Hey Congratulations You Won A Prize and you have 72 hours to claim it"! You lose out on that prize! Use this email only for entering contests. Check both spam folder and inbox daily.
Make a Prize Bucket List - This is a key step.
Download Robo Form- This will save you time and ensure you are inserting the right email for your contests and giveaways.
Know how to find your hidden Facebook messages  Many Facebook contests and giveaways state in their rules that they will be contacting winners through the inbox. Since these are not friends on your friends list their messages don't go to your inbox.
Know what different Facebook Giveaway & contest posts mean. 
Before entering any contest or giveaway look for the rules and regulations. If there is none to be found, contact the company or person hosting the contest. If there are simply no rules or regulations avoid entering and move on to another giveaway.

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