Reward Shopping Guide- Spin to Win!

Superpoints turns into Reward Shopping.

Like most of us earning some extra spending cash while online is a fun and beneficial hobby. Most people seem very unaware of the many fun free and rewarding sites there is online. was formerly known as Superpoints. 

New name, new features and many ways to earn easily.  member, No!?..... Okay...well you are missing out on some very easy rewards & gift cards. 

Let me start with a little background about what was Reward Shopping

Superpoints a few years back started as a pay per use website. So only paying member's would earn rewards. Then it changed to a free site but you had to be invited. Then in 2012 Superpoints closed down. That left people like myself quite frustrated. Superpoints was one of a top ways to earn online, and really fun to do everyday. I was cashing out between $130- $200 Weekly in gift cards.  Superpoints has now changed hands to new owners, and for the last year was only open to the USA. But a bit ago that all changed and Superpoints came back to Canada and better than ever and now when we thought it was at it's best it has changed again and is now with even more features.

How do You Earn?

So simple you will almost be upset you didn't become a member sooner! Okay here is the simplest quickest way to explain how to earn and how easy it is to earn.

Number #1 thing is confirming your account once you make it. You MUST confirm your email immediately, so that you are earning right from the first second. Too many people forget this very simple step and miss out... now you have confirmed your account you are well on your way to the easiest rewards ever.
Tiers for Reward Shopping
I am a Platinum member, and find that the $14.95 a year fee is well worth it for me. I earn many points daily and its the best way to earn the fastest. I was a free member for over a year when I choose to become a paid member. Using my Paypal cash earned from my points to pay for the Platinum status making it free of charge.

  • Basic Members get 25 Spins daily
  • Bronze Members get 40 Spins daily
  • Gold Members 150 Spins daily
  • Platinum Members 250 Spins daily
  • Diamond Members 250 Spins daily.

TIP* Get yourself to Bronze level to start really earning. Getting there is very easy.

Confirm your email, Complete your profile in your account, and get 3 XP. Super easy! Earning XP comes from you clicking your button, opening emails, and every activity you do on .

Way's to Earn Superpoints

  • SPIN your Button EVERY SINGLE DAY- You Build Karma by spinning daily which means BIGGER wins when you spin.
  • Open the daily email they send you- it will more often than not contain FREE Superpoints
  • Complete the FREE offers to earn some awesome Superpoints too. Free offers such as like this Facebook page and get 50 Superpoints, or play this game to level 1 and earn 300 Superpoints. The free offers can really add up your points.
  • Surveys are great for making fast Superpoints
  • Invite your family and friends to join you.

What Rewards Can You Earn?

Reward Shopping has the best rewards on the planet.  The reward catalog is changing all the time, but you can earn things like cash (via Paypal), sunglasses, Xbox One, Jeep Wrangler, or even a $2 million Dream Home!

RewardShopping is a site I visit every morning with my morning coffee and do my Spins. Takes me about 10 minutes (250 Spins) I am a Platinum member. Making sure to spin every day will keep your karma score at 5/5 which means bigger wins.

Grab Your INVITE Here- And join Me in Earning FREE Rewards just for Spinning a Button Daily!

WARNING: If you leave your Reward Shopping account inactive for 30 days, you risk your account being suspended. Spinning daily ensures the BEST chances of earning.
Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!