Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bucket List of Prizes You Want to Win

Having a bucket list of prizes you would ultimately like to win can actually help you win more often.
Think of it this way....
If you really want to win one of the prizes a contest or giveaway is offering, you are more likely to come back daily for you extra entries, check back on the giveaway at its close date, follow up and see a winners list. If you are a 24 year old female living in a big city and you win a tractor from a random contest you entered...? Think you will be oh so excited? You probably wouldn't even know you won becasue you lost interest the second you left the contest page.
Bucket List of Prizes Win More
  • Write yourself a prize bucket list
  • Bookmark contest and giveaways to check back and do daily entries.
  • Focus on your bucket list of prizes you want to win. Search online for those specific giveaways and contest. ie.. If you want to win a guitar, search "guitar giveaways".
  • Always perform all the actions a contest asks for. Your chances of winning will go up.
  • Be realistic with your bucket list
If you want to share your prize bucket list I am super eager to hear it! I may even be able to lead you to some contests! Share in the comments below.
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