Places to Sell Your Crafts Online and Make Extra Money

Make extra money selling crafts online

Selling crafts online from home is a great way to boost your income. Finding the right places online that is worthy of your crafts and are going to earn you extra money can be time consuming, So we have done the leg work for you. 

Best Places to Sell Your Crafts Online for Extra Money

Fivver- A great place to start selling your crafts and gifts and many other services. Its a literal gold mine if you can come up with a hit idea! All deals are $5 or Fivver. You can adjust that as you will see once you start placing your crafts for sale. Snag a $5 gig from me here --> Sign Up free with Fivver

Etsy is the most likely one of the largest online spots to sell your crafts and homemade gifts. They don't charge a membership free but they do take a small percentage of your sale. Make sure to read program details in full. Join Etsy Here

Amazon Handmade- Fairly new but Amazon misses out nothing! There is a monthly fee, but with the amount of traffic that Amazon gets daily I am pretty sure the fee will pay for itself in no time. It does seem as though they are waiving that fee until 2017. Amazon Handmade

Made Urban 100% free and if you are just starting out free is always the best. Check out all they offer here

Blog or Website Starting a blog or building a website is a great way to sell your crafts if your serious about making extra money. Blogger & Wordpress are free blogs to get you started. Purchasing a domain name is a strong recommendation so that when selling your crafts you come across as professional as you are.

Where are you selling your crafts online? 
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