Make More with Swagbucks

Best Ways to Get More SB's & Make Money

Swagbucks- A digital online dollar that converts to cold hard money, gift cards and other great rewards. 

Over 1 million members and growing daily. We can't all be misguided and wrong can we?

The last 3 Christmas's in our home have been paid for by Swagbucks. As well as Birthday gifts and household appliances all thanks to a friend showing me Swagbucks 3 years ago. Since joining Swagbucks I have never paid for another thing I purchased on

I get emails all the time from people  asking me why they are earning with slow Swagbucks? The answer is simple, nothing great comes from no effort. If you dedicate 15 minutes of your day and that is high balling will see your earnings grow.

Just a fraction of my redemption from Swagbucks.

My greatest piece of advice with earn all year and redeem for larger amounts of money. Using your SB redemption's around the  holidays and special occasions can take a bit of wait off your wallet. I try and save my SB's and then at Christmas all my gifts I need to purchase are free, not a penny out of my pocket....sometimes during the year though it comes in so handy when money is tight and groceries are free using my gift cards.

Register for your free Swagbucks account, download the Swagbucks Button

This is a very important step most people leave out and you will miss way too many SB's and defeat the purpose of earning. The toolbar notifies you of the totally free SB's that Swagbucks is giving away that day. Usually daily you will come across a Swag code that is offered for only a short amount of time. In essence free money being given to you. So why miss out? 

So now you have made your account and downloaded your Swagbucks Button (a browser extension)

Quickest ways to make more money

There are various ways to make money on Swagbucks, so start exploring the site. Playing games is a top favorite of members, you are actually winning SB's for enjoying playing an online game. You will be kicking yourself for ever playing games on Facebook that aren't rewarding you with actual money.

Surveys are a big payer. Every day check to see what surveys are available to you and actually complete them. You will get awarded your SB's once your done.

Watching videos is another favorite, when you reach the end of a video you earn SB's for taking the time to watch. Easy right?

Offers- This is one where many people get stuck and think wow signing up with paid offers is not what I want. Me either and I never have paid for any offer, or anything else when it comes to Swagbucks. The paid offers are good for certain things. So lets say for instance you were already planning on buying a certain game, or setting up a service like Netflix... go check the offers page first in your Swagbucks account. You could purchase the same product or serivce you were going to purchase anyways through your Swagbucks account. You get PAID for buying something you were already going to buy. I use this method for every purchase.
The offers section of Swagbucks also has many many many free offers. An example this page on Facebook and get 20 SB's. Takes 2 seconds and bam you have 20 more SB's which remember equal real money.

Searches- This one is the favorite of mine. At least once a day we type something into our Google search engine and look something up. Stop doing that! Seriously! Stop! Use your search bar in your Swagbucks account. With every search you have a chance at winning an instant prize of SB's. Funny tip- search weird things. I tend to win more daily when I search odd and random things. Here is a search term I won 15 SB for " My tree has shrunken into my dinner". Makes no sense I know, but hey it won me some free SB's. 

Sharing with family and friends is also a great way to earn. Share your referral link from the Invite & earn tab. This is not needed to earn! In fact I see very little of my earnings from referrals under me. I earn as much as I do from putting a daily effort in. And when the postal truck is showing up with free steam cleaners and crock pots from all that effort becomes so very worth it.

Like their Facebook fan page Swagbucks Canada & Swagbucks (US & Other Countries) and then click get notifications. This is an important step becasue so often they are giving away free SB's to their members.

Cash Back shopping App - This is the best part! So you redeem your SB's for gift cards. You make your purchase for over $25 on so shipping is free and GET PAID MORE SB's for shopping through Swagbucks! Its a win win!

Special promotions - These seem to happen constantly. This is the reason for my great love affair with Swabucks. Checking in daily is fun and exciting to see the new way they have come up with for me to make even more money.

Swagcodes - Random Swag Codes are given out to members. They could be worth any amount Swagbucks chooses and they are time limited. That's why having the Swagbucks button is so important. No matter what you are doing online a pop up will let you know there is a swag code out.

Redeeming you SB for money is so easy, no hassle. Simply go to your redeem link in your account and pick what reward you would like to exchange your SB's for. Rewards are money (PayPal), gift cards, Starbucks, Tim Horton's, and a many more popular stores gift cards. Personally I only ever redeem for gift cards and PayPal Cash. I save all year and then use the free gift cards to do my holiday shopping. The best part of using is that on 99% of orders if they are over $25 the shipping is free. Making my entire purchase free to me. Not one cent out of my own pocket.

300 SB = $3 Amazon. 300 SB can be earned in as little as 2 days! And once you get the hang of this rewarding program you will see that making an extra $150 a month is easy as pie! Even if you earn $100 a month from Swagbucks that is $1200 in free products from!! Would that not help your family? It has helped mine huge! As a single parent making ends meet can be very hard. Swagbucks has really helped us, even for those omg I have a friends birthday this weekend mom and I forgot to tell you moments. I run to Amazon use my FREE money I earned from Swagbucks and bam one gift bought and not a dollar from my wallet!

Again I need to remind you that daily signing in to your Swagbucks account and ding just a few things, whether it be play a 5 minute games, answer a quick servery, complete your daily poll with one click or a random search will start earning you more and more Swagbucks.
I want you to enjoy and benefit as much as I have and do. Please reach out to me if you need any help in earning more.

I have used my referral link in this post, like I said in the post very little of my earnings come from referrals which you will find once you are a member, and more from my daily activity. I thank those of you who use my link and I welcome you to our circle. Quite often as a Swagbucks Influencer I get to giveaway prizes and SB's to members in my team. So watch for those to be posted too!
Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!