Best Ways to Get Walmart Coupons

Walmart coupons canada

Walmart is a great source for coupons to save you money! There are a few different ways to get coupons from Walmart, and most of the coupons can be used anywhere. Unless otherwise stated on the coupon.

Walmart Live Better Magazine

This magazine is a great resource for coupons and sometimes loads of coupons fill the pages. They are put out monthly in your local Walmart, usually near the till or at the entrances on their own rack. The magazine is completely free, and full of recipes articles and coupons. The coupons you will get from the Live Better Magazine can be used anywhere, not just at Walmart...unless the coupon states otherwise. A few issues of the Live Better Magazine have had samples in them as well. A great tool for saving more money. They are usually available within the first week of the month and they go super fast so pick yours up when you see them.
Walmart Live Better Magazine for your iPad

Walmart Coupon Portal

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The coupon portal Walmart offers is where you can order coupons to your home through the mail or print coupons right away from home. The coupons change often and sometimes are quantity limited. Sometimes you will find a coupon for a free product, or a coupon for a buy one product get another free. These coupons are great ways to save money. Making a Walmart coupon account is free and easy.  

If you are looking for coupons for the United States - US Walmart Coupon Portal

Walmart's Coupon Policy

Multiple coupons may NOT be applied for one item.
The item at checkout must be identical to the item on the coupon. This includes brand, packaging, weight, colour & size.
The date on the coupon cannot be expired.
The coupon must be valid in Canada and show a Canadian address.
If there is a barcode, it cannot be damaged.
Online coupons must be printed, not shown from a mobile device.
Coupons can be redeemed at any time during the transaction.
Ad Match can be used in conjunction with a single coupon.
There is no limit to the amount of coupons per transaction however Walmart reserves the right to limit quantities where a customer attempts to use multiple coupons for multiple purchases of the same item.
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