Best Way to Protect Your Content & Time

Protect Your Photos Videos and Content

Being a blogger or website owner has so many wonderful benefits and rewards doesn't it? I love waking up in the morning and first thing I check is how my blog or website did over night...did an article I write get shared and loved? 

Protect Your Content

The biggest issue for blog writers is stolen content and pictures. Hours and hours of go into a well written post or article. The feeling of accomplishment when it's done and ready to be shared with the world. Almost like letting our baby out into the world...we feel excitement, pride and a certain amount of anxiousness on how much it will be enjoyed....

With all that effort and emotion that goes into the content we write and share there comes some worry. Will someone take our article and post it elsewhere online claiming it as their own? Can the picture I took be taken by someone else and used on their website or blog? Sadly it happens everyday and more and more as of late. Let's face it the world is full of spammers and scammers now.

When writing an article you spend time researching and reading and re-writing and editing and your time is poured into it. I don't know about you but for me my time means a lot to me and is valuable. So why chance someone else riding off your work that they have simply copied from your page? You don't and you shouldn't stand for it. If you work means anything to you then protecting it is a must.

DMCA is just what you need to protect your content. You can grab your free DMCA Protection Badge but that is not going to protect your valuable content to the extent that is needed.

Protecting your content, videos and photos is a must. For only $10 a month you get priceless protection. You can even pay through PayPal (I hate credit cards).
Website Protection Pro

Facebook WaterMarker is an awesome tool that you get to protect your photos and content shared there.

Takedown service is something that will really take the stress off you when you do come across your content that has been stolen. It will be taken down and dealt with! 

Your content and time is very valuable and you should never sell yourself short!

Start protecting your content today - Sign Up with DMCA Website Protection and start feeling safer about your hard work.

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