Best Places to Get Product Sample Packs

free sample packs

Sample packs of free products arriving at your door is not a myth. There are some great spots to find product samples packs. Its a fun way to try some new and trending products without having to spend money until you know you like the product. Most product sample packs are completely free even the shipping, but there are some that do ask for a shipping fee which is totally understandable and still makes a sample pack worth it.

Shoppers Voice

A once a year survey that is worth every minute it takes to complete. About 15 minutes and you can have it all completed and all year long you will get sample products in the mail, coupons to your email and in the mail. Often times the coupons are for free products. A top favorite of members. Take the 2016 Shoppers Voice Survey Now.

BrandPACK from P&G.

When you make a P&G Everyday account and complete your profile, you are offered coupons and BrandPACKS. There will not always an offer available, so check your account regularly, as well you should be receiving the P&G newsletter. Getting email alerts is the best way to know when a sample pack is available for you to request. There sample packs are all free of charge. See if you have a  P&G BrandPACK waiting for you.

Sample Source 

Sample source sample packs are jam packed with products and coupons. They go live every few months and once the link is live and online the sample packs are usually gone within a few minutes. It adds to the fun of scoring such an amazing box of product samples. Usually 15-20 samples are in each box along with a few coupons for free products and then offers arrive during the year from those offers. Sign Up for the next Sample Source Sample Box

Home Tester Club -Brandpower

Being a member of the Home Test Club gives you opportunity's to try new products for free. You will get an email alert that you need to sign in and answer a question or two. The offers come fairly regularly too, so make sure you sign in and check whats going on in the Home Test Club Join Home Tester Club

Johnson & Johnson Baby Sample Pack - Healthy Essentials

How to Get your FREE Product Coupon for a  Johnson & Johnson Free Baby Sample Pack- Register your free account at if you already have an account that's okay too. If its a New account or one you have one already, add your New Born to your profile or due date.(Must be under a Year Old for coupon to pop up) Once you click save on your updated information a Pop Up Like the one pictured below pops up and you can request your FREE Product Coupon By Mail!

Even if you don't feel like you want or need these sample packs, consider signing up and paying it forward by sharing it with someone who would appreciate it. A local women's shelter, food banks, or a single parent struggling. 

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