Are Chick Advisor Product Review Opportunity's Legitimate?

Yes! A Big resounding yes!
Chick Advisor has been around for a  years and growing stronger. If you like reading reviews on the latest products and are willing to post reviews of products becoming a member of the Product Review Club is a perfect fit for you.

Are Chick Advisor Product Review Opportunity's Legitimate?

Membership is free and the benefits are free products.
About twice a month Chick Advisor offers it's members an opportunity to apply to try the product they are offering for free. Your obligation is to try the product in the specified time and then go back to your Chick Advisor account and share your honest review. Products range from Electric Tooth brushes, to make-up, hair treatments, shaving items , high end skincare products, household products and food. Some offers are even for events that would not otherwise be open to you.
Badges Earned on Chick Advisor
Earning badges is fun and easy. It boosts your chances of being picked for product review offers when they come up. Over the years I have been chosen for many many Chick Advisor product review campaigns and have loved everyone.

There are a few steps you must complete before being able to try products free for review.

Once you register yourself as a product reviewer you must complete 5 of your own reviews. What does that mean?
It means that Chick Advisor and the brands that they offer want to see that you are serious about reviewing products, and your style of reviewing a product. So head into the bathroom or kitchen and pick 5 products you use on a daily basis and that you can write a review about. Come back to Chick Advisor and post 5 reviews for 5 different products.
Doing this very important step opens the door for your applications to try products is valid. Odds are before you know it you will be accepted into a campaign! Make sure you add Chick Advisor to your safe senders list in your email. And always check your spam folders.
Recent products Chick Advisor gave to their members free in exchange for their honest review.
Recent Products Up for Review

 This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to write it. I get no compensation of any kind and there is no affiliate links in this post . I wrote this post for you becasue I have really enjoyed my Chick Advisor account and being part of the Product Review Club. Because of this program I tried products I never would have purchased and once I tried them I was in love. I love the community feel and environment Chick Advisor offers, and I hope your experience is the same.

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