Best Survey Sites To Make Extra Money 2016

Make extra money surveys

Friends are always asking me about survey sites and which ones actually pay you money and are worth the time to make extra money.
The truth about survey sites is you won't make it rich but you can make an extra $150 a month for actually doing them while hanging in front of the TV everyday.
My advice is make an account with all the survey sites I have listed. Being a member of just one paying survey site won't be worth it.  As you complete surveys you will see an increase in the surveys sent to you. It will take you some time to sign up with them all, about a half hour, but once you are a member surveys will come and you can be making extra money at home.

Best Survey Sites

1. Swagbucks

This is a top way to make money and fast.Daily free Swagbucks are given away and there are many ways to make money on top of the surveys. Sign Up for  Swagbucks Here
Put cash back in your pocket

2. Legerweb

Fast paying top survey site. Not only do you get daily surveys to your email, you earn chances to win cash prizes monthly. You can cash out at $20 and that can happen pretty fast. If you answer every survey you seem to get more faster. You pick between money or Airmile's to cash out. Sign Up for Legerweb Here
largest Canadian Online Community

3. Harris Poll Online.

Become a member of the Harris Poll Online Canada and you will have the opportunity to influence important decision makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations. You can help shape the policies, products, and services they offer you! Sign Up for Harris Poll Here
Harris Poll Online Canada

4. Web Perspectives 

Join now by simply registering your email and start taking online market research surveys. Once your account is credited with $20 worth of rewards you can exchange them for gift cards with some of America's leading brands. Sign up with Web Perspectives Here
Earn Vouchers Surveys

5. InstaGC  

Complete surveys and very simple tasks and you can cash out your money instantly. Extremely easy to earn with this one. Sign Up with InstaGC Here
Instant Gift Cards

6. Reward Shopping.

This one is fun, legitimate and I have cashed out over and over. Make sure to get yourself to bronze level which is very easy. You can make some great money very easily if you are dedicated. If you like playing slots you will have fun with this one. Spin your button daily to make even more money. Sign Up to Reward Shopping Here
Spin to Win Money

7. Airmiles

Sharing your opinion to earn Airmiles is easy fun and it rocks when you see your Airmile's balance going up. When you sign up and complete your first survey you get 15 free Airmile's 
Airmile's surveys

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