Sodastream Machine Mother's Day Giveaway Winner

Mothers Day Giveaway Winner

Sunday (May 1 2016) I got a sweet email surprise!!

I had won not just won 1 but TWO Sodastream Machines in a Mother's Day Giveaway!!

The gist of the giveaway was to share a piece of advice your mother gave you. I had totally forgotten that I had entered , and was jumping for joy when I won! 

For months my bf and I have checked out the Sodastream machines at Walmart, but with 2 Keurig's , a Tassimo and a Hamilton Beach Brewer on the counter already I controlled my urge! (LOL).

I am a sparkling water junkie, always have been and I can't wait to try out the Sodastream Machine and add it to my collection on the counter.

My winning piece of advice is pictured below.

Sodastream Machine

Have you won anything super cool lately?

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