Must Have Grocery Cash Back Apps

Must Have cash back apps

When I leave for the grocery store,  9 out of 10 times I forget my list behind...but my apps are always with me. Shopping apps have lightened the financial load, and make the sometime tedious chore of grocery shopping fun again, and beneficial.

Like anything else in life we all have certain apps that are our go to's over others...but I have to say I use all the available shopping apps, online rebate offers, and flyer apps. Over time as you become more familiar with all the shopping apps, you will see how quick the savings and cash back adds up.

I am only going to share with you the ones I have personally used and cashed out from, or received my rewards from. No one has time to waste on apps that will offer you nothing. Along the way if you have a question about any of the apps I am going to explain , I am super easy to contact and will get back to you asap to get you saving! 

Cash Back Shopping  Apps (Receipt Scanning Apps)

Checkout51 is my most used app. Every Wednesday morning I check for the new offers and there is always something I can integrate into a meal and into my shopping that will gain me some high savings.

Example: Last week Checkout 51 was paying $3 on Scrubbing bubbles. I had a $3 coupon for any Trigger or Aerosol Scrubbing Bubbles product... So I use my coupon in store and get the product free. I then upload my receipt and I get paid $3 cold hard cash back on that purchase.

How can you not want to get free cleaning products and food?
 Cost of Checkout51:  $0.00 Free Get The App

Caddle is very new and growing very popular. Simple sign up, watch a quick ad answer your quick profile survey questions. The fun part about Caddle is the easy and odd things they will pay you cash for. Such as following the founder on Twitter, and make $0.25. Hug a tree and make a $1 was my first offer I claimed.  Cost of App  $0.00 Free Get The App

Zweet is another awesome cash back app. Weekly the offers change and you can score some great savings. Cost of App: $0.00 Free Get The App is one I use but not often. The offers are new weekly but not much in the way of what I buy for my family. I check it weekly, to make sure I don't miss a cash back offer on something I may been buying. Cost of App : $0.00 Free Get The App Android   Apple iTunes App

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