Frescho Coupon Savings Under $40 for Over $70 in Food

Freshco Savings

First I need to say sorry! When I got home from my grocery shopping trip I had 2 hungry teens, dinner time was approaching and the dog looking at me thinking "what did you get me"!? So...... I only took a picture of the products I bought with coupons or would be getting cash back for buying. This was a mistake! I know better than that, seeing the entire shopping haul really helps you visualize and see how great the savings were. Won't happen again I promise!

Freshco in Barrie was having come great sales and I had some great coupons. 

Grocery Haul

I will break the savings down for you from left to right-

Dark Ginger-Ale
2 Cases of Dark Ginger Ale @$4.99 =  $9.98 
2 Coupons Save $2 from Smart Source coupon booklet taking $4 off.
= $5.98 for both cases.  + 2 new coupons

This wasn't amazing savings , but I did want the coupons from the packaging. The on package coupon offer is save $2 on your next case of Dark Ginger-ale. With BBQ season coming up I like to have has many pop, & snack coupons.

McCains Redskin Potatoes
On sale for $2.49
1 free product coupon from Sample Source sample pack
=$0.00 FREE

Catelli Supergreen Spaghetti (And it is Supergreen lol)
1 box on sale for $1.99 
1 Free product coupon from the latest Sample Source Sample box
= $0.00 FREE

Party Sized Chips & Pop
There is a new coupon on some Chip's packaging. When you buy 2 Party Sized bags of chips you get 2 free 2L bottle of pop! 
Pop & Chips Coupon

2 Party size bags of chips on sale for $3.99 each = $7.98
(2) 2L bottles of pop $1.99 = $3.98
Used the coupon on packaging making the pop free for a total of 
$7.98 + I have one more coupon. There was a coupon on both packages. Only one was used for this transaction
= $7.98 for all 4 products

Nordica Flavored Cottage Cheese 4 pack
1 4 pack @$3.99
1 free product coupon from Sample Source sample pack
=$0.00 FREE

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal & 2L Chocolate Milk
1 Box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Family size @$4.99
1 2L Chocolate Milk on sale for $1.88
1 coupon from previous cereal box- Buy 1 cereal get a 2L chocolate milk free.
= $4.99 for both +1 new coupon for Free Chocolate Milk

Taco Kit, Salsa and Bag of Cracker Barrel Shredded Cheese

1 Taco Kit on sale for $2.99
1 Salsa on sale for $2.99
1 bag of Cracker Barrel Shredded Cheese $7.29
1 coupon from previous taco kit. When you buy 1 taco kit & 1 Salsa you get 1 FREE bag of Kraft or Cracker Barrel Shredded Cheese.
=$6.68 for all 3

Delissio BBQ & Butter Chicken Pizza

2 Delissio Pizzas @$4.99 each = $9.98
No coupon but a great cash back offer on this.
Checkout 51 is paying $1 back on Delissio Butter Chicken & BBQ pizzas. PLUS a $0.50 bonus for buying both.
+ $2.50 from Checkout 51
=$7.48 for both. Making each one $3.74

Scotties Tissue 6 Pack
On sale for $5.97
1 coupon from coupon booklet save $1
=$4.97 of for (1) 6 pack of tissue

Scrubbing Bubbles NEW Daily Shower Cleaner
On Sale for $2.99
Used save $3,00 from Smart Source coupon booklet
= $0.00 FREE

So the break down for the shopping haul of the products is.

Before coupons  $70.19
After coupons total paid out of pocket $38.08

Checkout 51
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